The Summits

Each year a global group of experienced education professionals are brought together from different regions around the world to partner with local teachers to form a collaborative and excited team of facilitators with diverse skills. These facilitators design and present workshops for interested teachers looking to grow not only their teaching toolkit but also their understanding of what is possible in order to apply new ideas to improve both student achievement and engagement in the classroom.

Grounded in Theory

Experiential and Self-Directed Learning are at the root of our workshop and conference design. We believe with exposure to what is possible and a collaborative interactive social learning environment — once engaged and connected — teachers build pathways to the design of strategies for creative and meaningful teaching and learning in their own contexts. A powerful learning experience can lead to transformative thinking resulting in true growth and positive change.

Collaborative Learning Community

Our Professional Learning Network (PLN) is called the Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) and we believe continuing to grow together and remain connected digitally and across international borders is a rich way to continue our social learning. We share technology resources, ask questions and support each other when needed. We maintain a Facebook group that is hundreds strong and we invite you to join!

Since 2013

We believe that motivated teachers who are exposed to new methodologies combined with thoughtful training in a collaborative environment can cross generations of barriers to bring excitement, innovation and measurable learning experiences into classrooms.


Next Steps...

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